Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I received a DVD from Europe/Asia/Africa/Australia and it won't play on my DVD player?

A. Your DVD is either in the PAL or SECAM video system and will not play in North America. We can
transfer your DVD to the North American System (NTSC) so that it will play back on your DVD player.

Q. I have a DVD that I want to send to family overseas. Will it play?

A. It might. Most DVD players sold in Europe are multi-system DVD players that will play back all DVD's
of any system provided they are Region Code Free.  If it is a commercially released DVD there is
probably a region code on the disc that will inhibit the ability of the DVD to play outside the region
it was sold in.

Q. Do your DVD's play back anywhere in the world?

A. Our DVDs are typically created in the NTSC Standard and they are Region Code Free, meaning
that they can be played anywhere in the world, providing it is on a Multi-System DVD Player. But
we can also create DVDs in the PAL or SECAM Standard, so they will play back in the specific format
of the country you are sending them to.

Q. I have some old film from the 1940's - 1980's. Can it be transferred to DVD?

A. Yes, it can. For more information on our film transfers, please: click here.

Q. I have an old vinyl record. Can it be transferred to an audio CD?

A. Yes, we can transfer all of your old audio formats, whether vinyl records,  reels, or cassettes,
 to a high quality digital audio CD.

Q. Can you edit a DVD?

A. Yes.  DVDs are a closed format making for easy viewing, but not so easy, editing. But we
can load the DVD video into our computer, where we can make the edits the way you want
 them. Afterwards, we create you a entirely new DVD of your newly edited video.