Film to DVD Transfer Services

Bring your movies to Mr. Edit, and you will never have to pull out that clunky projector again. Once the film is transferred, you can edit it, add music, and make additional copies. Whether you have Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm film, sound or silent,  our unique digital transfer process will bring those memories back to life, with magnificent colour and sharpness, all on the convenience of a DVD.
Our film technician gives time and attention to every transfer, ensuring it is done to the highest standards. Film is never projected; the image is scanned directly off the film itself, with a high quality digital camera. This results in even brightness (no bulb spots), sharp focus, and amazing colour. Make multiple copies for the rest of the family. A great gift for Christmas and other special occasions!  Come by and see a sample of just how good these transfers look.

Click on the above sample to see a preview of our Regular 8mm Film and Super8 mm film transfers. If you need more information, or would like a quote for your film transfer, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Phone: (604) 988-5616